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Achelis & Partner is a team of employed and freelance PR experts and journalists, among them

Thomas Achelis
•    PR consultant and specialised journalist, former editor in chief of several trade magazines
•    20 years member of the public relations committee of the German Road Safety Council
•    1988 - 1994 board member Deutsche Public-Relations-Gesellschaft, (DPRG) the German professional association of PR practitioners
•    1995 - 1998 and 2000 - 2006 president of the European Public Relations Confederation CERP - Confédération Européenne des Relations Publiques
•    2005 - 2007 Board and Council Member IPRA - International Public Relations Association
•    Director IQPR, The International Institute for Quality in Public Relations, a common foundation of the three international PR organisations IPRA, CERP and ICCO
•    Member of the board of DAPR (German Academy of Public Relations)
•    Chairman of the Forum for International Communications, Bucharest
•    Member The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) UK, honorary member of the Romanian (ARRP) and the Russian (PACO) and the Ukrainian PR association.

Dr. Dana Oancea

•    Economist and political scientist,
•    Diploma of the economical university Bucharest, specific field: International economical relations
•    Master degree in Lobbying
•    PhD with "magna cum laude" of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich
•    "Public Relations Consultant International" (IQPR)
•    Responsible for international projects, especially directed to Romania
•    Since 1999 general manager of our agency in Bucharest
•    Since 2002 general manager of the foundation Forum for International Communications
•    Publisher of "" and ""

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