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IQPR - The International Institute for Quality in Public Relations was initiated by IPRA, CERP and ICO after their joint declaration on quality improvement for the public relations profession in Paris, 1995. Its aims are to develop and publish common quality standards for the profession and guidelines for quality certification. The working plan of IQPR contains five programmes:

* Identifying and assessing existing quality programmes
* Liaising with different quality certification bodies
* Defining the ISO 9000 process for public relations functions
* Reviewing options for personal accreditation or certification
* Developing a master quality handbook for public relations
* Spreading the quality enhancement philosophy through speeches, articles and international conferences and seminars.

IQPR has identified the "Minimum Quality Standards", MQS, for the public relations profession, presented at the Public Relations World Congress in Helsinki in June, 1997

IQPR is registered as an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) in Brussels.

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