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Film / TV

The visual media has always been the most powerful way to convey a message, and television has long been the way most people get their news. The "explosion" of TV channels in recent years and the development of the internet that requires more and more moving pictures, video, DVD etc. too, make it necessary for PR people or PR departments, to hold respective material in readiness and to offer it free of charge to the media.


Web Design

web_designYour web site can be the most effective communication tool you have. Around the clock, it interacts with many target audiences. A well-designed site delivers the right messages to the right audiences, increases the perceived value of your offerings.


Media Design

media_designThe reputation behind a name - or a symbol - plays a central role in all communication activities. Too many companies and organisations have no image, or an image that does not represent their values and therefore does not work for them.


Online Communication

social-mediaThe Internet with the simultaneous opportunities and threats with which it presents communications professionals is an inherent part of public relations.


International Communication

international_communicationToday in the second decade of the 21st Century for more and more companies business doesn't stop at national borders. Public relations activities must follow. Cross border communications is an ever increasing reality and of course importance.


Environmental Communication

environomentalWith the background of heightened public awareness and ever-growing legislation, it is essential for every commercial enterprise to be clear where it stands on the environmental issues which may effects its operations. More intelligent companies will embrace the issues, make bold decisions and seize the environmental opportunities to gain a competitive edge.


Crisis Communication

crisisWhether big or small, no organisation should be without a crisis communications plan. The requirement for rapid, accurate information is bigger than ever during a serious crisis situation. Handling a crisis properly demands thorough preparation work and a well-thought out communication strategy.


Event Management

event_managementOrganising events is an everyday part of PR since events are an important part of communications. Even the smallest event can raise the profile of an organisation. It can be as simple as organising a meeting or arranging a staff presentation or Christmas party or as complex as an international product launch or awards presentation.


Reputation Management

reputationA Corporation’s reputation is widely perceived today as a tangible asset that is difficult to value accurately but is less imitable by competitors. Reputation is a reflection of how stakeholders view an organisation. This implies a value judgement and plays to rational and emotional perceptions of an organisation.


Research & Evaluation

evaluationThe public relations process is no different from any other business function that you spend money on. You want to know if you are getting value of money. You need to know how effective you've been and if you've not been as effective as you thought you should have been, you need to discover why.


Corporate Communications

corporate_communicationThe objective of Corporate Communications is the strategic orientation of all ways of communication as well as the harmonisation of the company's messages. This integrated communication approach includes internal and external communication. It is essential to incorporating the existing communication cultures in the company.


Public Relations Campaigns

pr_campaignA good public relations campaign will help develop the image and reputation of the client's business. A campaign is a program of activities which are dedicated to accomplish specific and defined business objectives.


Internal Communication

internal_communicationIn public relations internal audiences are more important as external audiences: an organisation's staff are its best ambassadors. If an organisation genuinely believes this, it should be reflected in the priority and speed of communication. There is nothing worse than staff learning of changes to their organisation through the media or rumours and unqualified third parties.


Press Relations


To be successful in media and press relations the professional public relations person has to think in the same way a journalist, and be the master of the journalist skills. He or she must be in position to "sell" news to the media. The ability to act professionally in the field of global media relations is essential and a key factor in the development and presentation of every company, organization and institution’s corporate profile.


PR News

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