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Whether big or small, no organisation should be without a crisis communications plan. The requirement for rapid, accurate information is bigger than ever during a serious crisis situation. Handling a crisis properly demands thorough preparation work and a well-thought out communication strategy.

When (and before) it does, we work to proactively minimise or eliminate negative consequences, helping you to handle a wide variety of negative events. Our services include:

Crisis Management Training. We train your management team on basic crisis management techniques, including crisis management planning, identifying the real nature of a current crisis, methods intervening to minimize damage, and guidance and techniques for preventing and recovering from a crisis.

Crisis Management Planning. We provide the planning for crisis management, including:
•     Identifying potential crisis situations
•    Devising policies for their prevention
•    Formulating strategies and tactics for dealing with each potential crisis
•    Identifying who will be affect by them
•    Devising effective communications channels to those affected so as to minimize damage to the organization's reputation
Crisis Management Assistance. During a crisis, we can offer you strategic counsel and assistance in handling the crisis.

"Next week there can’t be any crisis. My schedule is already full." Dr Henry Kissinger while US Secretary of State
"Four hostile newspapers are more feared than a thousand bayonets." Napoleon Bonaparte

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