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With the background of heightened public awareness and ever-growing legislation, it is essential for every commercial enterprise to be clear where it stands on the environmental issues which may effects its operations. More intelligent companies will embrace the issues, make bold decisions and seize the environmental opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

Public Relations can play a vital role in the management process on two counts when dealing with environmental issues.
•    First, it is the antenna which provides management with information and monitors changing public attitudes to relevant environmental issues.
•    Second, it can provide the communications advice and skills necessary to actively present a company's environmental policy and actions to its target audiences.

Due to the legislation from the European Union to reduce pollution and to the necessity of a better informed and educated public, there are a wide range of environmental issues to be addressed. The real business winners will be those who are able to combine an environmental plus with a business gain and successfully communicate this to internal and external publics.

Achelis & Partner were one of the first Public Relations agencies in Europe to prepare and implement Environmental strategies and we continue today to assist and guide our clients with specific Environmental issues - both positive and negative - on how best to achieve their objectives.

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