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In public relations internal audiences are more important as external audiences: an organisation's staff are its best ambassadors. If an organisation genuinely believes this, it should be reflected in the priority and speed of communication. There is nothing worse than staff learning of changes to their organisation through the media or rumours and unqualified third parties.

The messages for the internal communication programme must be consistent with those used externally, although they may need a different focus and will be interpreted in different ways. However, your staff will be much more questioning of messages, according to the principle: Do not just accept messages as they are given to you, but look for the proof. At the same time they will be more appreciative and likely to believe the message if it is presented by you - the Employer.

Internal communications deserve the same attention to creativity as external communications. Your staff needs just as much stimulation as people outside the organisation.

Achelis & Partner is very experienced in this field. We have implemented major internal communication projects and communication training programmes for multi-national companies who have implemented major investments in Romania.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." Henry Ford

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