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The Internet with the simultaneous opportunities and threats with which it presents communications professionals is an inherent part of public relations.

Public relations practitioners have a vast opportunity to take advantage of the communication channels that the Internet provides, and the strides that they make will help in changing the way both journalists and companies tell their stories. Companies and organisations which provide the right information can maximise their relationships with journalists, resulting in better coverage and increased efficiency of resources.

Our services include:
•    Identifying, planning and utilising all possibilities of the new social media, such as Twitter, Facebook etc.
•    Online PR - a complete solution integrating all online communication activity, including  e-Newsletters, e-Direct mail, banner advertising, search engine and portal strategy - plus tracking and evaluation
•    Virtual Press Office - give journalists access to your latest releases, company information and visuals. A VPO provide a round-the-clock service, instant access to information, and can automate many aspects of the PR process. Being effective in dealing with the media means understanding and respecting the way journalists choose to work. Increasingly, this is to work online, at odd hours and from flexible locations.
•    Newsgroups to talk to valuable niche communities
•    Links Programmes - drive traffic to your site from complementary partners
•    Reputation Monitoring - keep a watchful eye on news and rumours so immediate action can be taken. Newsgroups, bulletin boards and chat rooms can make or break a company. Monitoring online news, special interest sites
to identify breaking stories to drive tomorrow's news agenda.
•    Presentations - the design and content of all types of multimedia presentation, from key-through laptop sales presenters to large screen presentations with movie, graphics and soundtrack for product launch, conference, training etc.

We can help you structure your approach to online PR. To talk through your specific online requirements contact us.

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