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A good public relations campaign will help develop the image and reputation of the client's business. A campaign is a program of activities which are dedicated to accomplish specific and defined business objectives.

A campaign may be short and tightly focused or long with a broader focus. An example may be to develop a short and focused PR campaign for a special event. A longer term, broadly focused PR campaign might have general messages promoting a specific behaviour or modifying an existing unfavourable image. PR campaigns can condition your market to being more responsive to your market position and encourage them to spend more with your business.

The elements to consider in creating a public relations campaign include:

•    Audience or Publics - A group of people to whom your company needs to be responsive and responsible. This includes customers, prospective customers, colleagues, employees and their families, government representatives, shareholders or investors and your neighbours.
•    Goals of your campaign - What is it that you hope to achieve? Do you want to attract new customers? Enhance your company's image and reputation? Create closer ties with the community? Educate the public about your industry?
•    Medium of communication - Print journalism? Broadcast media? Web and social networks? Word of mouth? An exhibition booth at a community event? A billboard?
•    Framework of your campaign - You need to consider the following questions when establishing your campaign program

o    What steps need to be taken in order to achieve your PR goals?
o    What is the outline of your PR campaign?
o    How long will the campaign be?
o    What is the budget?
o    Which staff members are to be involved?
o    What needs to be done?

•    Activities - The actual steps taken to advance your cause and achieve your goals such as giving a speech, donating to a charitable organization, sponsoring a community event, giving your employees holiday bonuses, etc.
•    Phrasing of the message - the messages have to reflect the interest and knowledge of your audiences - not the ambitions of the company.

o    What are the reasons why your business is involved in the particular activity?
o    What is it that you want to say?
o    Why was this PR campaign developed?

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