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PR lives on the personal contact between all of the players – the media, the client and the pr agency

One of the most important audiences for all public relations activities are individual journalists working in mass media. They deliver information and influence opinions on facts and issues.

To be successful in media and press relations the professional public relations person has to think in the same way a journalist, and be the master of the journalist skills. He or she must be in position to "sell" news to the media. The ability to act professionally in the field of global media relations is essential and a key factor in the development and presentation of every company, organization and institution’s corporate profile.

Therefore a PR agency is not only obliged to co-operate closely with the client, but establishing contacts with critical journalists and other audiences, investors, customers, suppliers and the company’s professional advisors.

Achelis & Partner has established its own corporate reputation for more than 25 years. During this period we have organised public and press relations for our clients.
We have achieved our client’s satisfaction through our knowledge and understanding of their business objective and what it takes to influence the media.  By being honest and anticipating the media’s needs and expectations we have been successful for our clients and ourselves.

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