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The public relations process is no different from any other business function that you spend money on. You want to know if you are getting value of money. You need to know how effective you've been and if you've not been as effective as you thought you should have been, you need to discover why.

Research at the beginning of your Public Relations campaign is essential to ensure you are addressing the correct audiences that they understand who you are and speaking with them in the right languages and communicating the right messages

More and more managers and clients want evidence that public relations is adding to the button line, and budgets are increasingly dependent on demonstrating PR's strategic contribution to organisational success. Practitioners need to evaluate the outcomes and measure the intangible benefits of effective public relations on reputation and stakeholders relationships.

Effective research underpins excellent communications and provides the foundation for measuring public relations success.

In order to demonstrate effectiveness, to ensure cost efficiency and to encourage good management, we can help you in connection with our strategic partners to:
•    identify methodologies for research and evaluation which are appropriate for your business
•    equip you with the tools to demonstrate the value of your PR activities

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