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Focus on your career!

The quality of public relations in Romania has increased enormously in the recent years. One extraordinary example is the annual Romanian Public Relations Awards. Today more and more companies and institutions use professional communications. Therefore public relations services at the highest quality are expected by users at all levels.

In addition to the Romanian Public Relations Awards - Achelis & Partner has established multiple value educational programmes of practical training courses in order to support the development of the Public Relations profession in Romania. More than 1.000 delegates, at various stages in their careers, have passed through our training college. The Achelis & Partner's training programme will continue to grow with sessions taking place across Romania.

We also have a unique opportunity which provides a follow up call back service to all our corporate clients to address further questions after the training. We call this the Achelis & Partner Corporate Guarantee.

The seminars and the communication platform between our participants will generate a helpful resource to enrich the strategic role of public relations in Romanian businesses and organisations. Training is provided for small groups of practitioners from junior to senior level.

All our workshops include a theoretical background, and a series of practical exercises and group work, allowing for all participants to exchange new and interesting ideas.

One size doesn't fit all!
We know very well that when it comes to trainings, one size doesn't fit all. Therefor Achelis & Partner has also run a number of in-house training programmes for clients. These in-house trainings require precise targeting. Our team works together with each client to provide personalised communication strategies to fit you perfectly.

The Training's Benefits

  • Career advancement
  • Knowledge of best practice to make PR activity more effective
  • Confidence in the workplace
  • Theory to back-up decision making
  • A more strategic and structured approach to public relations
  • Networking with peers
  • New and current ways of thinking
  • An investment in your future

The workshops organised by the Achelis & Partner Communication Training Centre fall into one of three levels. Please note that levels are not exclusive and some courses may be suitable for participants at other levels of their career.

Level 1:
These courses are developed for individuals who are on the first step in their PR careers. Experienced practitioners, with at most one or two year’s experience, need a different programme tailored to meet the needs and expectations of those who are working at account executive, PR assistant level or similar. Within every business you will find executives who need to understand what Public Relations can achieve and what it cannot achieve. Achelis & Partner have created a programme for non-PR practitioners and those with some PR responsibility. Participants on this level will have little PR experience, will want to gain basic communication skills and an understanding as to how Public Relations operate. These courses are concentrated on core PR practices, communication and business skills and related key knowledge areas.

Level 2:
Seminars on this level are developed for practitioners who having mastered the basic PR skills, are now working at account manager, PR officer level or similar. Now they want to expand their skill base, think and perform more strategically. These courses will offer best practice and guidance how to develop analytical skills and to manage situations in traditional and virtual environments. These courses have more general appeal and offer a wider perspective than workshops at other levels. This is an executive programme suitable for experienced practitioners.

Level 3:
Participants in this level are working at account director or PR Manager. They are experienced practitioners with a wide range of skills and knowledge. They have team management responsibility, and have the responsibility to enhance understanding and knowledge of the company and industry issues that are required by every professional management executive.

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