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Creativity in Public Relations

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Objective: Creativity is an indispensable skill in public relations. It isn’t just a gift it is a process that can be understood and put into practice. Creativity techniques help to find new ways of approaching problems and make campaigns more effective

Topics: Using and managing a range of techniques and tips to generate creative and innovative ideas, brainstorming, evaluating ideas, the five "I"s of the creative process - information, incubation, illumination, integration, illustration, obstacles to creativity, the creative individual - the creative organisation, the influence of stress, dissolving mental blockades, understanding the creative process, how it works and how it can be managed

Participants: PR people of all levels in communication departments and PR agencies

Trainer: Thomas Achelis
Price*: 360 € plus VAT (one-day seminar)
Training dates: 8th July 2011
Location: Bucharest

* The fee includes training, documentation, lunch and coffee breaks.

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